Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

Iztok Vrhovnik, Trustee of Business Applications in the company Elektronček d.d.:

"eDocs document management system will help us to raise the level of document management to a higher level. Electronic document management will facilitate the work of employees, increase responsiveness and consequently contribute to the company's performance.

Experts from Gama System successfully helped us in establishing our solution eDocs and trained us to continue with the introduction of electronic document management in the remaining areas."

BSc. Branko Godec, Head of Information Services at IT Sector of Pošte Slovenije:

"The main advantages are the legal validity and a high level of document security, from the creation or arrival at the company, through the management of documents throughout the life cycle and long-term secure storage of electronic documents."

Gregor Novak, Director of ICT at the company ELES: 

"There is a need for secure and reliable solution requiring advanced software to provide a high level of storage and access, in addition, the solution must satisfy the legislation requirements."

Milan Zupančič, Director of Project Management at company Metrel: 

"Managing documents is the foundation of a successful business. At the Metrel d.d. we were looking for a solution that would not only regulate the question of archiving documents, but also their creation processes. Above all, we were looking for a complete solution to manage versions of documents in the production process.

The first stage at production process of a complex electronic product with more than 100 different components, is technical documentation from various sources, complex, interconnected and subject to constant change. At CeBIT in Hannover we observed eDocs application, which was, moreover, a product from our immediate vicinity and which met our expectations.

After completion of the initial testing eDocs was chosen in the belief that, due to its open nature, it is the system which allows us to further develop and adapt to situations, which can not be predicted. Deployment of the system was carried out in collaboration with Gama System on a high professional level and at the most complex documentation type of so-called technical documentation, which gives us a guarantee of future performance kept in case of documents in all other areas."

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