Digital Mailroom Management
Digital Mailroom Management

Increase productivity and speed up your processes to automate the reception office to paperless and efficient digital mailroom.

Employees in the mailroom, reception or main mail offices, are in daily contact with a variety of paper documents, which must be carefully sorted, recorded and directed to the correct recipients in the company or branch company.

If you have tackled problems by introducing a manual entry in the electronic spreadsheet, or even introduced electronic mailbook, it only partially solves the problem. Your employees still do not exploit the full potential of the latest technology.

Gama System® eDocs Solution allows you to complete the transition from traditional management of mail reception offices in efficient, controlled and fully automated management of incoming and outgoing mail. 

Challenges We Solve:

  • Manual and time-consuming entry of mail, for example received invoices
  • Common errors in typing
  • Slow mail delivery
  • A growing number of paper documents because of the increased number of transactions
  • High-paid employees waste time retyping data

Your benefits

Improved responsiveness to customers

Avoid physical search of mail or delivery certificates sent by post, hence you will no longer worry about lost or misplaced mail. Mark the end of the time-consuming transfer of mail across the organization, because employees will replace physically mail as direct transfer to the central mail registry.

Cutting costs

In particular, it will reduce the cost of photocopying and other costs of office supplies.

Increase employee productivity

Classification of documents distinguished by type - account, letter, contract, commercial, ... utilizing OCR technology (scanning data) performed automatically, as well as recording and generating books of received and delivered mail. 

Mail is classified to right recipients or organizational units regardless of location. Solution automatically notifies about new mail, via system or via via e-mail. Also, multiple people can simultaneously access a single document.

Faster and standardized processes

The solution allows a higher compliance with legislative, industry and organizational regulations, which impact on reducing operational risks. Mail is followed in their entire life cycle from arrival at the company up to its exit.

Save time

Avoid time-consuming physical transfer and searching of email or delivery of certificates for outgoing mail. At the same time, electronic broadcast of physical mail to the Central Registry is provided. All this means that the mail is almost never misplaced or lost.

Provide yourself listed benefits with solution Gama System© eDocs.

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