Consulting and Software Development
Consulting and Software Development

We offer you the services of consulting and software solutions implementation in the field of modern technologies of Microsoft Corporation.

In view of future software development, we recommend the implementation of service-oriented, modular software solutions.

Development phase is optimized by examining the subsequent adjustment of time and cost restrictions, allowing for greater flexibility of the development team on the current market situation.

Developing Web Portals

If you need highly functional and interoperable portal for a large number of users, we may help. We have experience with portals, both from the economy and public administration, which are common and also has single point of communication with external partners and among employees.

Development services and consulting includes:

  • Integrated Architecture Solutions
  • The definition of object models solutions
  • Definition of parametric models
  • Service-oriented (SOA)
  • The definition of service endpoints and interfaces
  • Definition of XML data formats
  • Normalization of XML namespaces and XML schemas

We cover the following development technologies and platforms:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5
  • Windows Communication Foundation - WCF
  • Windows Workflow Foundation - WF
  • Windows Presentation Foundation - WPF
  • Windows Forms
  • Microsoft ASP .NET
  • Microsoft ASP .NET AJAX
  • Microsoft ASP .NET MVC
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • System.Xml

Server infrastructure delivers advanced product possibilities using the system platform solutions. The company focuses on the implementation of solutions to the following server products:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services
  • Microsoft SharePoint Services
  • Microsoft MSMQ Services
  • Microsoft COM Application Server

Consulting in the field of advanced products were carried out for the following clients.

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