Introduction to Optimal Development Process
Introduction to Optimal Development Process

Optimum of the development process is available in most of the companies involved in software development.

In most cases, companies do not deal with the optimization of the development process, because they often depend primarily on key development staff.

Gama System advises on setting up an optimal development process and defines:

  • Definition of players at Development Group
  • Responsibilities of the Development Group
  • Stages of development
  • The content of the transitional documents
  • Method of daily translation
  • System debugging, obligations and information
  • Evaluation

Given the size of the development teams we define the necessary roles in the development process and grant the required duration of each phase of a larger development project.

Development process optimization services include:

  • Definition of the development process
  • Goal tracking

Limitations development process can not bring long-term changes, in cases where the requirements are not completely followed from starting the project. Properly positioned goals and tracking changes require long-term cooperation, usually during the life of the development project.

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