Public Perception Analysis
Public Perception Analysis

Actively Influence positive or negative public perception of your organization in order to avoid negative rumors, which may cost you money and reputation.

We live in times when most of daily communication takes place online. More and more people expressed an opinion virtually, especially if it is negative. Among media, coming to the forefront, are social networks that allow rapid dissemination of information, as they are free and easy to use. The same goes for getting current, daily news, which are also becoming increasingly popular in virtual form.

Challenges We Solve:

If you are in a managerial position, a public figure or work in the PR department, Clipping company or advertising agency,or you are the organizer of political campaigns, is critical for you to keep track of public opinion on websites and social networks. For you, viral component is particularly dangerous which can lead to shaping extremely negative news, reaching a large part of the population in just a few hours.

News can cause harm to you up to the extent that is impossible to deal with the consequences, no longer or only with greater financial investment. If the news are detected in time, block it the before it has spread, you can handle the consequences, or even prevent them.

Your benefits

  • monitor public opinion about the company, the leading persons or trademarks
  • real-time acquisition of key information of the desired field
  • the possibility of preventing decrease in reputation, competitiveness or financial implications

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