Gama System® PerceptionAnalytics
Gama System® PerceptionAnalytics

Solution for analyzing public opinion through social networks

Web solution Gama System® PerceptionAnalytics enables monitoring of public opinion on a particular topic, company, person, brand, event, place, etc... in real time via social networks.

The solution is intended for large companies to better manage brands, corporate image and reputation of key leaders.

It is suitable for leaders of political campaigns, allowing them to get quick insight into public opinion and responses from voters to individual marketing campaigns. It is also suitable for tracking the reputation of specific tourist destinations or a county.

The solution allows tracking and analysis in different time windows and with different priority. We offer companies insight on the minute level. 

The first application of our technology is presented on the website, which analyzes public reactions during the presidential elections at the end of 2012. There is a short video introduction available.

The user can monitor specific search terms, statistics and analysis of the responses in real-time. 

On the social networks we monitor

  • Frequency of posts of the defined criteria
  • Reach of posts
  • Disclosure of positivity or negativity of posts (sentimental analysis)
  • Disclosure of opinion makers
  • Insight into the analysis of posts
  • Active users and their locations
  • Content analysis
  • Most used words or phrases
  • All analyses for different time periods and time windows

The solution includes

  • Advanced technology for capturing, processing and storage of filtered messages from social networks
  • Web user interface
  • Analytical data for further analysis
  • Possibility of integration with your back-end or analytical systems
  • Hosting in the Microsoft Azure Cloud with unlimited global expansion

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