Email Management
Email Management

Unify customers and suppliers communication while managing content of email attachments in one place.

Using e-mail is definitely taking the lead as a way of communication both within your company as well as with suppliers and customers.

Is it often the case that employees communicate more and more by e-mail with customers and suppliers? Maybe they keep all correspondence with clients, procuring products from suppliers and manage the entire project through email applications?

Based on our experience we could say that the participation of a large number of internal and external employees will soon find that kind of work becomes unmanageable. Tracking tasks, documents, responsible persons and due date in the email client becomes a bottleneck in achieving your goals.

Gama System® eDocs solution enables you to establish monitoring over e-mail with link to your e-mail client, allowing you to start solving issues systematically and store (archive) documents at single place.

Challenges We Solve:

  • Unsystematic documentation stored in email clients
  • Important documents are not located in one solution
  • Employees send large files (several times and the same) by e-mail, which results in higher costs of data storage
  • Received and sent email is not registered in the book of mail
  • There is no central insight of who, what and when sent to and from the organization

Your benefits

Saving time

Upon the introduction of a new employee, all relevant documents from the email are easily accessible in one place.

Cutting costs

Reduced load of the mail server, because the file can be deleted from the client and stored only at the central solution for managing documents.

Increase employee productivity

Employees work within the application for document management, which is automated and not in email client (e-mail client is originally designed for sending messages).

Faster and standardized processes

Received and sent e-mail is easily evidenced as incoming or outgoing mail. Employees store received files directly in the solution, so you have a single file within company, which is only accessible to users with rights.

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