Gama System® SimpleScan
Gama System® SimpleScan

Transactional scanner

We present you currently the most technologically advanced form of scanning, which allows you complete comfort and ease of scanning of documents of any kind.

Gama System® SimpleScan combines a sophisticated combination of elegance, simplicity, speed and accuracy.

 Simple Scan

It supports all important features for creating high-quality, legally valid documents (assuming that the company has arranged and confirmed internal rules): contracts, invoices, bank statements, parking strips, different forms and certificates, medical records, magazines newspapers, etc.

The scanner takes up only a minimum amount of workspace, but also saves energy as laser, camera and LED lights are powered simply via USB.

Key advantages over other scanners

Exceptional speed and flexibility

A document is captured in only one second, regardless of the output: color, grayscale or black-and-white. The scanner weighs only 740g and is as such extremely suitable for the mobile office.

User experience

The built-in software can automatically scan, without a single click: Automatic alignment, trimming and adjustment of image quality, automatic multiple-page document creation, and finally automatic forwarding of digitized content to a selected location.

Flexible usage

The scanner enables capturing of non-standard shapes and sizes of A4 or A3 or smaller. It can be configured to capture pictures from file system folders.

Credibility and authenticity

Documents are digitally signed, time stamped and encrypted.

Security of confidential data

Data is during an internet transfer perfectly secured. Right after the finish of digitization, a protected secure channel is established for sending data to a selected location.


Via TWAIN standard, Gama System® SimpleScan can be connected to various systems, like ERP, DMS, medical system, e-archive or OCR . It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista (32/64), Windows 7 (32/64) and Windows 8.

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