Point of Sale Optimization
Point of Sale Optimization

Stop the paper where it's created and start to achieve significant and measurable economic benefits in comparison to traditional methods of documents treatment.

There are many challenges created in an organization where a large proportion of paper is generated through sales, reception or mobile sites. These challenges are hard to solve with established ways of working. The most advanced organizations have therefore been introducing context manner of document capturing (the transaction with a customer or supplier).

Challenges We Solve:

  • Time consuming and expensive manipulation of documents on the field and on sales - reception sites
  • Common errors while entering data into forms
  • Pledging, counterfeiting and even loss of documents from the point of origin to the central system
  • Delayed extraction of information from documents

Your benefits

Cutting costs

The cost of context capture can represent 50% of the scanning cost compared to the capture after the completion of the process. Fifty one percent of organizations that have adopted mobile scanning, achieve return on investment in less than 18 months (Source: If the organization opens more of the reception sites and the more they are loaded, the faster is the return on investment with a new way of capturing documents.

Process optimization

With minor organizational changes you have a chance to start completely paperless management of key processes. Work is complete in content and completed immediately after the transaction, and enables instant access to the entire chain of documents.

View of the industry branch

Electronic communication



Public administration


Concluding contracts, annexes, change of client information, ...

Bank counter (withdrawals, deposits, transfers, deposits ...)

Individual clients treatment (loans), ...

Concluding the contract - selling insurance,

Receiving counter for notification of claims, insurance agents in the field, ...

Acceptance locations - various roles, which require evidence and certificates ...

Warehouse - delivery, acquiring,


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