Gama System® eArchive
Gama System® eArchive

Legally Valid Electronic Archive

The archiving system can store several millions of documents, find them, retrieve them, and change their metadata. It can receive an unlimited number of documents for processing. 


Legally Valid


  • Service oriented solution architecture
  • Simple integration with existing systems
  • Document based service interfaces
  • Accredited, compliant to EU legislation
  • Legally valid electronic documents
  • Signing, time stamping, encryption
  • Modern multitier technologies
  • Highly efficient processing
  • XML documents and schemas


Gama System® eArchive is designed for legally valid storage of electronic documents. Its application services legally guarantee integrity and security of stored electronic documents and at the same time prevent unauthorized access to document nodes, document types and individual documents.


The solution is designed for archiving service providers as well as medium and large sized companies wanting to implement long term storage and archiving of electronic documents themselves. It supports multiple separate logical archives within the same installation. Each archive has complete functionality of defining access, permissions, classification plan, entry rules, etc. 


Gama System® eArchive allows larger customers to preserve legal validity of their digital documents. The system supports integration with Gama System® eDocs document management system which can serve as one of the entry points for the archived documents.

System Characteristics

  • Modularity
  • Searching the archive
  • Customizable metadata
  • Any document format
  • Digital signatures, Time stamping, support for document encryption
  • SOA interfaces
  • Entry rules
  • Statistics
  • Secure revision traces
  • Document reformatting
  • Time stamp renewal

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