Document Management
Document Management

Organize the flow of disordered documents crowd, which reduces the productivity of your employees and automate processes that will start to bring needed competitive advantage.

Are you experiencing difficulties with following all paper and electronic documents, that comes into the organization or are produced there? Are you looking for the documentation of the client, project, or process in multiple locations and it takes too much time? Are customers or suppliers complaining that you respond too slow? 

You probably already know that the amount of information in your organization visibly increases and that the existing systems are increasingly having difficulties helping business. The fact is that up to 80% of the information is in the uncontrolled documents in the system and notes of employees, which in turn leads to poor performance and possible non-compliance with the law or industry standards. 

Challenges We Solve:

  • Loss of time due to the lengthy search of documents and information
  • The high cost of printing, photocopying and office supplies
  • Documentation of the organization or between units is traveling disorganized, not related to each other, or non-systematically stored in different locations and systems
  • Uncoordinated employees work on common documents or duplication of these
  • Important documents are uncontrollably leaking from companies, tend to stock, get lost or are even destroyed

Your benefits

Improved responsiveness to customers and suppliers

Due to faster and integrated document processing you will deal with the demands of your customers easily, as you will have insight into all documents that are related to it. On the other hand, you'll quickly process the documents received from the suppliers and thus can take advantage of such opportunities, for instance discounts for early payment.

Higher employee productivity

Because of standardization and rapid transmission of documents between employees, you can shorten the processing time of documents up to 50%, or more, especially if they are located in remote locations. Search and return of documents can be reduced from 15 to 1 minute or less, if a document is required by several employees. The time required to review and sign the documents can be reduced by up to 500%.

Cutting costs

In addition to the reduction of office paper handling costs, you'll save up to 80% in the cost of filing cabinets and space for archiving.

Effective management and control

Our solutions for the management of documents, allow you to easily and effectively monitor delegated tasks, and consequently improve transparency of business processes within an organization. It also ensures the control over the integrity and traceability of documents, particularly those that are confidential. 

Contact us to find how Gama System© eDocs can help your business challenges. You can manage your documents in any organization, including:

  • The accounting records: received invoices, issued invoices, requests for travel orders, requests for leave
  • Legal documents: contracts
  • Development of technical product documentation (PLM / PDM)
  • Documentation of quality standards ISO
  • Project documentation: project folder
  • Personnel Documentation: Personnel Folder
  • Financial documentation
  • Documentation of meetings of the Management Board and Supervisory Board
  • Tender documentation
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