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Gama System PerceptionAnalytics is tracking Bulgarian elections

Gama System signed a contract with Bulgarian Industrial Association to track and analyze public perception before, during and after Bulgarian parliamentary elections 2013.

Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA), together with IT company SBS A.D. from Sofia, a Gama System partner company for Bulgaria, will enable additional insight into public perception to its members and general public over this year's parliamentary elections. Using the analytical platform Gama System® PerceptionAnalytics the social media response will be tracked and applied to measure public opinion about specific parties and political candidates.

Bia 2013

The elections are taking place on Sunday, May 12th and current progress can be seen on

Using Gama System® PerceptionAnalytics platform

The solution is intended for large companies to better manage brands, corporate image and reputation of key leaders.

It is suitable for leaders of political campaigns, allowing them to get quick insight into public opinion and responses from voters to individual marketing campaigns. It is also suitable for tracking the reputation of specific tourist destinations or a county.

The solution allows tracking and analysis in different time windows and with different priority. We offer companies insight on the minute-by-minute level. 

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